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The recession has changed the way companies do business and the way products are brought to and sold to the market. True competitive advantages have decreased, especially during a period in where price and value are too often confused.

Reward has identified this as the perfect time to continue to invest in our core business, not only by innovating through new products like the Boost-R Panel and the 13″ T-Form ICF, but by also evolving our construction knowledge base and strategic marketing initiatives.

Reward has always been on the forefront of innovation in our industry and we are keeping that mentality- we don’t stay static with our products and service, neither should we stay static with our brand and how we talk and speak to new proponents of ICFs.

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Reward’s brand comes in contact with about a half MILLION people per month through all different types of media venues, websites and customer interactions. We have been a mainstay in the industry for the last 24 years, with the last 15 years under the same organizational leadership. So it’s apparent our first impression is vital for the success of our brand and industry. So with that in mind we spent the last few months revamping our core identity starting with our corporate logos and colors and will lead to a full re-launch of in November.

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As you may notice, the changes of the logo seem subtle, yet when you see the differences side by side the improvements and changes become more apparent. Here are some general motivations behind the new design.

  • Impact–  Notice our font, and ratio of icon to text. Those two logos above are the exact same width and very close on height. Yet with better utilization of space and a more stately font, our name looks much bigger. Instead of two mid-tone colors, we chose a signature blue, which makes the mark POP on any surface, color background and offers a stark contrast between the icon and the typeface. Impact is served.
  • ReadabilityThe clearer and simpler layout of the logo and the upper/lower case font leads to better spacing of letters. Reward Wall Systems is squared away with the icon, giving the whole mark more of a shapely “figure.” Readability delivered.
  • Versatility- Our RWS Blue is bright and vibrant and it pairs nicely with most every other color out there. So it allows our client base and distributor network to utilize the logo and it will nicely tie into their own company colors and brand. Use white version with the blue icon on dark background, or the above black version on white background. Versatility provided.
  • RepresentationThe encompassing goal of this logo was to improve the relevance and representation of our business, our culture and product within the logo, while still showing ties to the heritage of our 24 year old company. Representation affirmed.

This logo speaks to our style, our character, our innovation and commitment to a better building envelope. It gives us a timeless icon to use as we are heading into an eventual rebirth of the construction industry. We hope you enjoy!

Going forward Reward will be naturally phasing out any materials and apparel that carry our previous logo, to reduce waste. We will be running discounts for purchased marketing brochures (signs and banners) and apparel items as well! Please contact your client services manager if you are interested.

Stay tuned for news on our new website coming in November!