Introduction to ICFs

Are you interested in learning more about ICFs? You've come to the right place. In this section of our website, you will find all the basic information about ICFs, their benefits and ICF installation.

Effective as of as of April 24th 2014 All Reward Wall Systems ICF product line (iForm and eForm) are no longer available

Reward Wall Systems products lines have been discontinued and consolidated. All of your future ICF construction needs can be fulfilled by Fox Blocks ICFs and the Fox Blocks 16 ICF manufacturing locations across all of the US and Canada.

Reward’s brands and assets are now property of Airlite Plastics Co.


At their most basic level, ICFs serve as a forming system for poured concrete walls. The ICFs remain in place and become part of the wall structure. Reward forms are made of expanded polystyrene (EPS), a material similar to that in styrofoam ice chests you can buy at the grocery store. The forms consist of two panels of EPS held together by plastic ties which are embedded into the foam to hold the form together.

Building with ICFs

Going beyond an adequate structure to a superior building has a great deal to do with the building materials you choose. With ICFs from Reward Wall Systems, know that your home, office, movie theater or school will perform at the level you expect from the places where you spend the most time.

Consulting2nd Course StraightPumping Concrete

  • On site consulting ensures that crews are comfortable building with ICFs.
  • Reward’s product manuals, detail drawings and technical experts are available to help create a building that will perform at the level you envision.
  • Blocks are stacked course by course on top of a concrete footing.
  • Spaces for doors and windows are left open and braced to prepare for concrete
  • Preparations for floors and other interior features are made while forms are braced for the concrete pour.
  • Concrete is poured in several lifts to ensure that walls stay straight and even.
Wall Section    Furring Strips   Stone Exterior
  • The thick concrete core blocks sound, allergens, and heat transfer for a more comfortable living environment.
  • The strength of the full length furring strips makes for easy application of interior finishes and fixtures.
  • Utilities are installed by cutting a channel into the foam and inserting the plumbing and electrical components.
  • Any exterior finish can be used, from brick to stucco with insulated concrete forms.



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