Benefits of Insulated Concrete Forms

Going beyond an adequate structure to a superior building has a great deal to do with the building envelope and the materials you choose. With ICFs from Reward Wall Systems, you can be rest assured that your structure will perform at the level you expect from the places where you spend the most time.

Choosing a more advanced building material means an initial investment that will pay dividends as time goes on. With the durability of a concrete structure and the potential for increased resale value, choosing Reward ICFs just makes sense.

5-1 Wall Assembly

When using insulating concrete forms for your wall assembly, you reap the benefits of it being a 5-in-1 wall assembly. The following are all completed in one step, whereas in traditional construction each one of these are a separate step and sometimes a completely different trade. By utilizing ICFs construction, schedules can stay on time and the project can save money on the added materials and labor needed with traditional construction.

1. Structural Wall

Steel reinforced concrete provides the structural component

2. Insulation

Each EPS panel on the insulating concrete form provides insulation for a total wall assembly R-value of R-22. Now you can get higher than an R30 with Reward’s exclusive Boost-R Panel.

3. Air Barrier

The solid, monolithic wall serves as an air barrier allowing for very low ACH.

4. Vapor Retarder

Reward ICFs have a PERM of 0.70, and with attached drywall on interior the PERM is a 0.30.

5. Furring strips

Furring strips are embedded inside of the foam panels, so you can attached directly to the ICFs



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