Indoor Air Quality and Comfort

Concrete Homes and Buildings Offer Better Indoor environments

Building occupants are significantly affected by the indoor air quality and general environment in a building structure. Studies have shown that the inability to control the humidity level, hot and cold spots, drafts, air pollutants, etc. have a dramatic impact on students ability to learn in our schools, employees productivity levels in our workplaces and healthy environments in our homes.

Insulating concrete forms (ICFs) provide the framework, when utilized in the building envelope, to positively impact the general comfort by eliminating hot and cold spots and drafts due to ICFs inherent high performance pertaining to thermal properties. ICFs also make it possible to control the IEQ (indoor environmental quality) by eliminating the intrusion of outside pollutants and using proper mechanical equipment. With a properly designed structure that allows for the control of the IEQ, allergy and asthma sufferers have seen relief.



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