Safety and Disaster Resistance

Build to Withstand Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are becoming more and more commonplace. The destructive impact (human lives and property) from tornadoes, hurricanes, storm surges, etc. has never been more evident. Disaster resistant homes and buildings are a necessity.

Insulating concrete form wall technology offers a significant solution for the protection of lives and property by providing a steel reinforced concrete wall that can be designed to withstand winds in excess of 250 miles per hour. The ability for a building to maintain its structural integrity during a natural or man-made disaster can have a dramatic and positive impact on the safety of the occupants and, of course, the building itself.

ICFs also provide significant protection in the event of a fire as they carry fire-ratings up to 4-hours.

There have been many examples of how ICFs have performed extremely well in tornado and hurricane zones and fires. When you choose to build with ICFs, it comes with the peace of mind knowing you are providing the ultimate in safety for the occupants.

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