The Building Envelope

Why the Building Envelope?

ICF 5in1 DisplayConstructing and designing buildings and homes with “green” properties is no longer merely the hottest new trend in the construction market. It has become an absolute demand from homeowners, designers and a responsibility of the construction industry. The current construction taking place is being designed with mandates for energy efficiency, sustainability and a reduced environmental impact. Mastering the construction of a “green” building is now a matter of survival in our industry.

In order to understand how your structure can perform at the highest level, you have to truly understand the critical components of a building system to ensure the performance lives up to the expectation of all parties. By weighing costs with value and performance characteristics, you can safely invest most of your energy into a key component of a building that will directly affect all other parts of a building: the building envelope.

Building Enclosure Solutions

Are you concerned with optimizing your building’s performance but are overwhelmed by the concepts of building science? If so, turn to Reward Wall Systems for your Building Enclosure Solutions. We offer more than performance-proven insulated concrete forms – we offer a set of products and services with the advice, expertise and experience you need to achieve the ultimate, intended result.

While Reward’s business is based on the fact that we market, sell and distribute ICFs, we do so to provide an ICF building enclosure from a platform of building science expertise.

So why is this important?

In today’s highly fragmented construction industry, developers and owners are growing even more aware of the challenges involved in achieving a building that performs and functions the way it is supposed to function. Construction companies of varying sizes and abilities work independently of one another; oftentimes understanding their products only in isolation. Without the ability to integrate each system into an overall design, buildings may fail to achieve their overall potential in terms of health, aesthetics, comfort, durability and efficiency.

How does Reward bring together these components?

Reward understands that ICF construction affects every aspect of the construction process, which is why we are continually learning and developing optimal ways to bring together the various components of a building system through the concept of building science.

We see building science in three overarching categories: the systems themselves, (exterior environment, interior environment, mechanical systems and building envelope), the elements that must be managed (heat flow, moisture, air flow and air pressure) and the end goals to be achieved.

When you build with Reward insulated concrete forms we will help you achieve a proper interaction of ICFs with the rest of the building, therefore providing building occupants with an attractive, healthy and comfortable living environment and building owners with a durable and efficient building.

Let us help you make your next ICF building actually perform the way it should – the way only Reward can. Read on to learn of why Reward insulated concrete forms address those principles of building science.

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