Cladding with Insulating Concrete Forms

Cladding on the building envelope generally serves as an aesthetic function, however some cladding products and their installation can contribute to the structural failure of the wall as well as negatively affecting the interior environment of the home or building.

ICF walls are made of three basic layers. An outer layer of foam, a “core” layer of steel reinforced concrete and another layer of EPS foam. Inside of the foam are furring strips spaced equally apart, so there is no need to attach any additional product in order to attach cladding to the wall. Cladding is then attached directly to the furring strips and in some cases connected directly to the concrete core.

Due to the inherent nature of the ICF wall, regardless of how the cladding is attached it does not adversely affect the performance of the wall. By using insulating concrete forms they offer better protection from adverse conditions caused by cladding product selection.