Connection Points

Points of Connection Within the Building Envelope

Connection points within the building enclosure are those locations on the exterior wall where another building element is attached. Notable connection points within the enclosure:

  • Floor and roof trusses to wall
  • Window and door opening to wall
  • Foundation footings to wall
  • Penetration points for plumbing, electrical and ventilation

Connection points pose a variety of challenges in various types of building assemblies and in some cases due to requirements of the connection, can inadvertently create breaches in the building envelope- each point of juncture creates an opportunity for air, water and vapor to transfer through the envelope and affect the indoor environment.

In Fact 90% of all water seepage occurs through through only 1% of the buildings surface area.

Keeping the three layer concept of an ICF wall in mind (EPS, concrete, EPS), once again you have an advantage of attaching interior connections points to the wall (directly to the concrete wall) without ever breaching the wall and creating and opportunity for corrosion, moisture intrusion, heat transfer and other ill effects of neglecting connection points.

As insulating concrete form construction professionals, Reward Wall Systems can advise on how to best design and construct taking into account special connections within the wall.