The structure is one of the most obvious functions of the building envelope and it is vital to the high performance of a building. ICF structures are notable for their extreme durability and strength as a wall system. Steel reinforced concrete walls are designed to stand up to natural disasters, fire and the test of time.

5 Reasons to Consider Insulated Concrete Forms for the Structure


Materials can meet limitless strength and load requirements and can withstand the elements to which they are exposed.


The materials used with insulating concrete forms (EPS Foam and Concrete) are naturally resistant to air, water and moisture.


Insulating concrete forms do have a learning curve if your team has never used them before, however with ICF training and education readily available the product is easily learned by construction professionals.


Insulated concrete forms are readily available for all of North America. Reward has 6 manufacturing plants across the country so the product is accessible to all 50 states and Canada.


Insulating concrete forms have a wide range of use and applications. A wide variety of looks and finishes, as well as the ease for site modifications to the form, allowing for any shape size and type of structure to be built.