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Overview and Summary of LEED v3

With traditional construction still struggling, “green” construction growth is projected to increase 190% by 2013 from 2005 levels. The USGBC LEED rating system has exploded in popularity, with over 8,600 projects certified and tens of thousands awaiting certification. But just designing a building to LEED standards doesn’t guarantee you’ll have a high performance building. In fact, over 50% of buildings designed to meet LEED standards actually end up with average to below average energy performance.

LEED is an acronym for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It is a green building rating system created by the US Green Building Council (USGBC). This system is designed to incorporate energy efficient, sustainable and environmental friendly buildings from the design to the construction and occupancy stages. LEED-NC is used for new construction of offices, institutional buildings (libraries, museums, churches, etc.), hotels, multi-family (4 or more stories).  LEED-Schools is used for all types of educational facilities.  LEED-Core and Shells is used for commercial office buildings, medical office buildings, retail, warehouse, lab facility.

You may have clients that demand to build green. Or maybe you just want to offer that option, without compromising your design. Reward Wall Systems makes it easy, because our ICFs are inherently green, from raw materials to installation.

UPDATE! Our ICF Continued Education course from AEC Daily is now approved by the USGBC for 1 GBCI CE Hours

Green Sustainable Building

LEED certifiedThe U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design sets the nationwide standards outlined in the Green Building Rating System. When Reward Wall Systems’ ICF products are incorporated into the exterior envelope of a building, the energy efficiency and material properties of Reward can help contribute in 6 of the 7 topics for LEED v3—NC, Schools or Core and Shell categories. Here we summarize the topics and how Reward Wall Systems’ ICFs can contribute towards a LEED certified building.

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