Optimized Energy Performance

Optimized Energy Performance


Reward Walls ICFs can contribute to the required prerequisite compliance with meeting the minimum performnace standards of ASHRAE 90.1- 2007 energy code.

Credit is obtained for performance improvements beyond the minimum ASHRAE 90.1 energy code requirements (up to 19 points).

ICF Energy Meter

Building the exterior walls with Reward ICFs contributes to this requirement and credit by providing superior air tightness, insulating value and thermal massing.  Use of Reward Wall Systems will result in a better insulated, energy efficient exterior wall system. The continuous solid insulated concrete wall created by Reward will reduce air infiltration and provide thermal mass benefits.

Combined with other components like energy efficient glazing and window units, well insulated roof assemblies, and design strategies like effective solar orientation, Reward can contribute to a project qualifying for minimum energy performance under EA Prerequisite 2, and for additional credits for energy performance beyond the minimum ASHRAE energy code requirements, under the Optimized Energy Performance credit.

See the Optimized Energy Performance LEED v3 requirement table.

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