Reduce Construction Waste

Reduce Construction Waste

For the LEED v3 credit Construction Waste Management, Reward ICF products are designed so that the form reduces waste during construction.

  • All Reward ICFs are 100% reversible, so you can cut each block in half and use both the top and bottom pieces. This feature can save about 50% to non reversible systems
  • The Reward ICF corners are universal as well, meaning each one is both a left and right corner.
  • Reward insulating concrete forms are easily cut to any size and they have marked cut lines on each block to help with accurate measuring and cutting- reducing errors in the field.

Those features can limit the additional errors in estimating, as well as allowing the ICF builder to utilize all of the ICF forms at the jobsite.

The amount of waste that is produced is able to be recycled including the expanded polystyrene foam and the plastic ties along with the concrete and rebar are recyclable materials.  Any waste that is generated is 100% recyclable. The link below offers a resource of EPS recycling facilities in all 50 states.

Cut Insulating Concrete Form on footing

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