Regional Materials

Regional Materials

The Reward ICF walls can also contribute under the Regional Materials credit. The wall consists of formwork made from expanded polystyrene foam and plastic ties filled with concrete.  Reward’s formwork products are manufactured in several plants around the country.  Most areas will be within a 500 mile radius.  Concrete consists of cement, water, fine and course aggregates and air.  The water, air and aggregates are derived locally.  The total value of materials that have been extracted and manufactured within a 500 mile radius has to equal 10% for one point and 20% for 2 points.

View our manufacturing map to see the locations where forms are made as well as the detailed info on recycled content for LEED v3 on our blog.

Regional Priority-MR Bonus MRc2(75%) and MRc5(20%)

This LEED topic addresses construction waste and utilization of regional materials.  The additional impact that the Reward ICF product may make regarding regional credits will vary depending on where the project is being built.  The location of the project with respect to the location of where the Reward product is manufactured must be determined.

See the detailed Regional Priority bonus points breakdown on our blog.

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