Insulated Concrete Forms Bracing

No matter how tall your building is, Reward has the right bracing, alignment and scaffolding system to safely make your walls straight and true.

Reward’s bracing systems come in THREE types:

Giraffe rBaseII

Giraffe rBaseII

Available 8′, 10′, 12′, and extends up to 20′ walls

Giraffe rBase II bracing has positioned itself to be the leader in design, manufacturing and distribution of ICF Bracing and components for the 21st century. At Giraffe Bracing we pride ourselves on cutting-edge product development and the use of the highest quality materials available. We also listen to what our customers wants and needs are, and incorporate those desires into our product lines.


Why Choose Giraffe rBaseII?

  • Straight back wall supports made with 14 gauge, rolled edge, galvanized steel for easy handling and stacking
  • Internal Jack system is zinc plated for rust free, maintenance free operation, keeping clean from concrete splatter
  • Stamped, not welded, foot plates for extra strength and longevity and allows for tall wall diagonal bracing
  • Tall Wall unique coupler lock for straight back extensions
  • 18” Steel anchor stakes come with each complete unit
  • Self- Locking Gravity pins for simple assemblies
  • Custom Storage Rack

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Standard-Height Walls up to 24 feet

This unique aluminum system is custom designed to provide the support you need while keeping stacking times fast. rBase is adjustable, durable and reusable, saving you time and money with a one-time cost versus buying bracing lumber for each job. It keeps wall plumb and aligned at every stage of construction, all the way through curing. rBase even doubles as scaffolding and complies with OSHA standards for scaffolding so construction crews stay safe. Plus, it provides a professional job site appearance.

Stand-Off Bracket

Stand-Off Bracket

Taller Structural Walls

Reward ICFs have been used for structural walls up to 54 feet high, using our Stand-Off Bracket. Stand-Off Brackets are compatible with Safeway scaffolding, providing a secure link between the ICF wall and the scaffolding.

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