Boost-R Panel

Additional R-Value for Reward ICFs

The energy codes are starting to require more. Reward has developed Boost-R Panels to deliver it- option to increase the R-value of Reward insulating concrete forms (ICF)

Boost-R Panels were designed to increase ICF R-Values past R-30, while keeping all of the same benefits of Reward ICFs. The panels are made out of 1.5 pcf density EPS foam and has exclusive interlocking cutouts that snap into place over the connecting tie, so Boost-R Panels will not move after placement.

One Panel, One Form

-Each layer of Boost-R Panels will increase the R-Value by R-8.34

-Simple and straight forward ordering and installation

-Unique cutouts allow for panels to lock into place

-Tapered edges glide smoothly over all 8 of the connecting ties

-Attachments strips remain fully accessible on ICF panels

R-Value Table Matrix

Use the table below to find the “boosted” R-Value of the iForm insulated concrete form. Each Boost-R Panel is 2″ thick, so to achieve your desired concrete core width, the form size needed will increase to accommodate the 2″ increments.

Table is based on a standard* Boost-R Panel, which will increase the R-Value by R-8.34.



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