NoricF4 Custom ICF Frames

Insulated Concrete Forms Door and Window Frames

NoricF4 Custom Metal ICF Frames

Fit it, Frame it, Fill it. Finished.

The NoricF4 custom metal ICF frames (CMF) from Reward is the industry’s most versatile and innovative 2-in-1 buck and frame system for door and window openings in insulating concrete form structures.

The NoricF4 is a pre-assembled, 14 gauge steel, CMF that combines the buck and the frame in one system, which eliminates waste, speeds door or window installation time, and is customized to fit any specification. Now available with an optional thermal break!

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Complies with the blast resistance and force protection requirements of the Department of Defense Minimum Anti-Terrorism Standards for building.

NoricF4 Features:

Comes pre-assembled & welded to specifications from the building plans
Integrated Framing Assembly Integrated Framing Assembly
NoricF4 custom door frames include a press-in-place weather-stripping
NoricF4 door frames come fully prepped for door hardware
Integrated framing assembly Integrated Framing Assembly
NoricF4 window can be fabricated with mullions and integral glazing stops
NoricF4 window sill will have an integrated opening for concrete placement and consolidation

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