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Creating the plans for a building isn’t an easy task and at Reward we want to understand the challenges you face. We’ve spoken with architects and learned the tools that are needed as well as the factors you consider when designing a building. Whether you are choosing materials with which to design a building or have been asked to incorporate insulated concrete forms into a plan, we’re here to make designing an easier and more efficient process. We want you to feel comfortable using a wall system that can provide substantial benefits to occupants if designed correctly.

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Design and Technical Support

With years of industry expertise and an engineer on staff, we are available to assist at any stage of the design process, when incorporating insulating concrete forms. Reward Wall Systems routinely assists designers in the following areas:

  • Architectural Design
  • Engineering Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Project Design Review
  • Recommendations for efficient product use

Using ICF architecture indicates a high level of commitment to the optimum performance of a building and we want to be sure that your building envelope is achieving all that it can. The design flexibility of insulated concrete forms creates a starting point for innovative and unique designs while using a product that has the structural integrity to support your vision.

With ICFs, you can convey the vision for a structure simply through the choice of building materials. Insulated concrete forms begin the incorporation of strength and durability with environmental consciousness and occupant comfort. Designing with ICFs means a building that has significant sustainable design and strength that will endure.

Product Application and Installation Training

Reward has a commitment to surpassing expectations in customer support, whether it’s training personnel on techniques or advising sub trades on incorporating ICFs. We have corporately employed ICF installation consultants with 25+ years of general construction expertise. Reward Wall Systems is available for project planning, scheduling, onsite training and troubleshooting.

Sales and Services

Reward Wall Systems has sales managers for every region and staff at Reward’s headquarters dedicated to customer service to make sure all orders are accurate and delivered on time. We have the manufacturing capacity to have a quick turnaround of product to the job site, and with 6 manufacturing locations servicing all North America and Canada, we can assure product availability.

Benefits to the Architect


The strength of building with insulating forms and a reinforced concrete core means structural integrity to back up your ICF architecture. ICFs stand up to fire and winds of up to 200 mph, meaning your building will contend with the elements and the test of time. In addition to the strength of ICFs, Reward’s reputation is sound with code compliance achieved at the national and regional level.


Reward ICFs can provide contribution to LEED certification in 6 of the 7 topics of the rating system. ICF construction is a building method that does not deplete natural resources and can be recycled or reused.


Choosing a new method of building can be intimidating but we want to help by giving you the insight you need. Reward provides engineering support, estimating software and CAD details to make your job a little bit easier. Plus, we offer classroom and ICF onsite training to the contractors who will be carrying out the installation of your design.

Moisture Research

It rains. Water comes from below and above and you have to think about it. Fortunately, we’ve spent some time thinking about it as well, which is why Reward offers comprehensive ICF Moisture Research Papers on how to keep that water out. Reward provides you with information on how ICFs protect against condensation damage as well as how to keep groundwater and rainwater from penetrating basements or foundations.

Benefits to the Client


Clients can get what they want with insulated concrete forms. From rounded corners to elaborate archways, the design elements of a building come together to fulfill a vision no matter the level of intricacy.


Building with insulated concrete forms is a decision that extends benefits well beyond the construction phase. ICFs ensure even temperatures throughout a building, reducing energy costs by as much as 50-80%. ICFs also protect from costly problems including moisture and condensation damage.

See an example of the type of savings experienced!


ICF architecture and building practices create a super insulated structure capable of keeping out noise, weather and allergens for a sound and secure living environment. Clients will appreciate security and peace of mind along with the built in design flexibility possible with ICF architecture.

See Reward ICFs put in use at a hotel, where customer comfort is a top concern.


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