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Choosing Reward Wall Systems for your insulated concrete form (ICF) construction needs means discovering an ICF supplier that delivers more than a block to your construction site. We want the block that you see to be more than a quality piece of engineering. We go beyond the expected to produce an ICF that will stand up to the pressure and versatility issues an ICF contractor’s crew faces. Our innovative product lines will provide you with the flexibility you need when building both residential and commercial structures. You’ll be the builder ready with a response to challenging design issues with proven ICF building construction techniques.

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At Reward, everyone involved in our operation desires for you to have the product you want when you need it. Our manufacturing facilities and ICF distributors are in close communication to assure that timely, high quality shipments arrive when you need them so that construction stays on time and on budget.

In addition to a solid product, Reward’s ICF contractor support is at the top of the industry. Your knowledge and expertise is a reflection on the training Reward provides their builders and we want to be with you every step of the way…


From product training to determining the number of forms needed, Reward is there as you start the process of working with ICFs. If this is your first time working with ICF construction, take part in our hands on training where you can ask the questions and see the product in a learning environment.


Consult with Reward’s technical support as you place the forms and pour the concrete. If you need someone on sight, all you need to do is ask. As the go to builder on your project, we want you to have the answers or know where to find them. This extends to the sub-trades who come in after the wall construction is completed as well. Reward’s guidance and detailed explanations for subcontractors will give you confidence in every system placed inside your building.


Take advantage of market expansion by offering an alternative building method your customers want in both residential and commercial markets. With four steps, structure, insulation, vapor barrier and furring, in one process, as compared to traditional building methods, construction times and costs will decrease as crews become acclimated to residential and commercial ICF construction.


With Reward’s Technical Bulletins, feel confident that your team will have the answers they need when dealing with issues like electrical installation, cold weather concreting, waterproofing and so much more. Our engineering team has identified the places where you might have questions and created directions and clarification. But if you need more, just give them a call.

Give Customers What they Want

Times change and so do the expectations of your customers. As you confront a greater number of customers asking for a building that provides benefits beyond a roof over their heads, feel confident that you are a builder that can deliver a high quality, energy efficient product.

Strength and Comfort

Imagine a combination of the sturdiest bed frame with the softest of mattresses. In a building constructed with insulated concrete forms, this is what you provide for your customer. An environment free of allergens, dust, mold and other irritants is made possible by the virtually impenetrable concrete walls. Unwanted noises and distractions stay outside allowing for peace and privacy inside.

These benefits are contained in a building envelope that stands up to winds of 200 miles per hour and resists fire for up to four hours. Reward ICFs have withstood hurricanes, tornadoes and weather conditions from coast to coast. Stay in place formwork means multiple layers of protection in one super insulated, solid concrete wall, giving your building added strength and security.

Energy Savings

Offering ICFs means super-insulated walls that will ensure even temperatures year-round, saving your customers as much as 50-80% on heating and cooling costs. Plus, residential and commercial projects built with insulated concrete forms require smaller HVAC units, reducing costs even further.


With Reward ICFs, you have the design flexibility to go in any direction that your customer can imagine. The unmatched strength and stability provided by ICFs allows for unique design and creative construction solutions to problems residential and commercial building owners face. The multiple product lines and form widths offered by Reward mean that a builder can find everything they need in just one place.

ICF Continuing Education

Reward offers a CEU

Reward’s free online course, Introduction to Insulated Concrete Forms, provides an overview of ICFs, including the components, variations and function. Also, the benefits of ICFs are discussed in real life situations through case studies. This course is AIA and CSI approved (qualifies for HSW) . If you are looking for a tool to reach architects, this course will help you do just that.

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