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What if you could know exactly the product your current and future customers desire? Well, you could start by looking at what they want out of a wall system. How about strength, durability, flexibility, energy efficiency, longevity, safety and swift construction times? It is the unique combination of these features that customers are looking for and expecting from a building supply distributor.

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Here at Reward, we want to come along side to help you offer an ICF product line that will meet your needs and those of your customers. Becoming a Reward insulated concrete form distributor means finding a place in a network of manufacturers, contractors and building owners working towards a smarter and more efficient method of building.

Whether you are a ready mix producer or a building supply distributor, Reward has a building envelope solution that you can be proud to offer. Our technical expertise is here for you to draw on and then to pass along to your customers.

Reap the Benefits

In Stock and On Time

We understand that there are not many things more frustrating and detrimental to an ICF distributor’s business relationships than keeping customers waiting. With our eight production locations throughout the country, we can get you what you need, when you need it. As the direct contact with builders and contractors, you need to have the product in inventory so that they can meet their construction schedule. And we’re here to keep things moving from the manufacturing facility, to you, to your customer’s job site.

Expand Your Market

Distributing insulated concrete forms takes advantage of a developing market segment interested in high quality, efficient building methods. Offering an alternative to traditional construction methods provides a unique opportunity to reach out to builders and contractors willing to invest in a better method of building.


With Reward’s patented universal design and multiple product lines with varying product widths, the options for product application are virtually limitless. ICF distributors provide a perfect fit for home, multifamily and commercial projects, giving you a building supply option for any customer.

Marketing Support

Reward works hard to create a solid brand that contractors and building owners trust. Benefit from our national advertising, nationwide media coverage, marketing materials and training when you choose to become one of Reward’s ICF distributors. Our marketing team is here as well to help with customized solutions as you grow your business.

Pass ICF Benefits on to Your Customers

Quick Building Times

Reward ICF walls go up easily and efficiently, allowing for fast and on schedule building times. Your customers will see comparable construction times between ICF and traditional building practices and as crews gain familiarity with ICF building techniques the pace will quicken from floor to floor and project to project.


Customers can be confident in the strength of their building as well as the systems placed inside with the training provided when building with Reward ICFs. Classroom and on site training allow contractors to ask the questions that will give customers the results they want. And Reward is here to provide training development, materials and guidance when the tough questions arise.

Long Term Savings

Building with insulated concrete forms is a decision that extends benefits well beyond the construction phase. ICFs ensure even temperatures throughout a building, reducing energy costs by as much as 50-80%. With the ability to stand up to winds of 200 mph and significant fire resistance, customers know that their building is built to last.

Continuing Education

Reward offers a CEU

Reward’s free online course, Introduction to Insulated Concrete Forms, provides an overview of ICFs, including the components, variations and function. Also, the benefits of ICFs are discussed in real life situations through case studies. This course is AIA and CSI approved (qualifies for HSW). If you are looking for a tool to reach architects, this course will help you do just that.

For course details go to: www.aecdaily.com/sponsor/rewardwallsystems.

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